Spreadsheet Re-engineering

We make messy Excel Spreadsheets Beautifully Efficient!

Often Excel files are produced and modified by people with minimal experience.  “Excel is easy!” they say.

Yet, this often leads to inefficient, messy spreadsheets that are difficult to use, time-consuming, unnecessarily complicated, and error prone because they don’t really know what they’re doing.

We get called-in all the time to fix situations like these.

How we Help

We make make spreadsheets that are beautiful and easy-to-use, we locate and remove the errors, and we automate and streamline them so they run faster.

Lastly, we document how the solution works so all the relevant people in your office know how to use it.

“You and your team are some of the best folks I have met and worked with in Perth. In my opinion Jeff, you and your guys have made a great contribution to the Planning and analysis side of our work and have been a great asset to us and of course we get to push the Big Button on your spreadsheets!”

Alan, Senior Manager at a multi-national client

Some Examples

  • Automated templates for quotes, pricing, or costing.
  • Sophisticated budgets and forecasts for managing cash flow or forecasting profit.
  • Automated proposals and Word templates that combine Word and Excel together.
  • Automated reports that draw information directly from MYOB, QuickBooks, other accounting systems, or databases, and present this in an easily understandable format.
  • End-of-month journals that automatically take information from one system, categorise and summarise it, then create the journal entry and upload it into your accounting system.
  • Property Management systems to take all the administrative time out and improve quality
  • BAS & Tax automation: gather the information effortlessly each month
  • Project and Document Controls: gain instant visibility over your projects and documents
  • Onboarding systems for new staff that ensure costly and embarrassing mistakes are avoided
  • HR Rostering and Remuneration systems
  • Financial Product Calculators that help sell more products by illustrating the benefits
  • … and many more!

What would you like to improve in your business?

How it Works

  • We provide our services at your office and work alongside your staff to identify the problems, issues and inefficiencies.
  • We then design customised solutions to these that are personalised to suit the way your business works using best practices and all our many years of experience in working with companies of all sizes.  Where relevant, we make use of VBA macros to automate processes and make your files easier to use.
  • Lastly, we implement the re-designed solutions, and train your staff how to use these so they feel comfortable and confident using these.

Benefits of Fixing Messy Spreadsheets

  • Vastly improved Excel files that are more efficient, easier to use, more automated, and more robust.  You’ll save both time and money by improving these.
  • Reduce the risk of embarrassing and costly errors
  • Increase the skills of your staff as they learn from our expert consultants about how to make more efficient and effective spreadsheets!

Why not try us out and see how we can help you! We love challenges so ask us how to fix all your difficult and messy spreadsheets!

Let us help by resolving all your frustrating and annoying Excel issues.

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