Free Online Financial Modelling Training

We offer a wide range of free online Financial Modelling training courses.

Free online Financial Modelling training complements and extends our range of face-to-face courses.

  • Reach the training materials from anywhere
  • Fit the training into your busy schedule
  • No travel required!

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If you’re new to the modelling process, gain inside knowledge of the key factors critical to expert financial modellers.

Each 2-3 minute video provides an overview of the key principles and best practice for Financial Modelling in Excel on a daily basis.

What you will learn in your free online financial modelling training course

  • Assumptions Documentation: avoid garbage in and garbage out!
  • Linking Formulas vs “hard-coded” Values: every input should have a single source cell.
  • Bad Modelling Habits: avoid the bad habits other modellers develop.
  • Formula Consistency: tips on making your formulas more consistent

7 day course in free online financial modelling training

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