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VBA & DropBox causing Excel to crash on close

Excel Warning Box By Wyn Hopkins In a nutshell: Save yourself a lot of wasted time and turn off DropBox badges.... If you ever experience a VBA Password box appearing after you close Excel and then the dreaded "Microsoft Excel has stopped working" message then there may be a simple solution...... After much debugging [...]

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58 Crazy Excel Stories (that are probably happening in your company right now)!

  58 Crazy Excel Stories (that are probably happening in your company right now)!Crazy things happen when you mix untrained users with Excel.It’s not really rocket science.  Crazy things would happen with any complex system if you don’t train people properly.But many companies simply assume that everyone knows Excel, so they don’t need much (if any) [...]

The Great 48 Excel Toolbar

The Great 48 Excel Toolbar We love Excel and it can do some pretty amazing stuff. But sometimes there are a lot of unnecessary steps and clicks which are quite annoying, especially when you’re using Excel all day long! So we developed this Excel toolbar for ourselves and now we're sharing it with [...]

Create a ‘Live’ Excel Contents Page

A little macro never hurt anyone So here's a little macro that can automatically create and update a contents page with hyperlinks in any of your Excel files. Create a new sheet (call it Contents for example) Right Click on the sheet tab name  and select View Code Copy and Paste the [...]

 Hiding And Unhiding Sheets

Hiding and unhiding sheets I hide a number of sheets in the workbooks I create because they are used for workings. Is there an easy way to make them all visible at once? By Neale Blackwood The following macro will unhide all the sheets in the active workbook.: Sub UnHideAllSheets() 'this macro unhides all [...]

 Save All Open Files

Save All Open Files I work with a model that has many files and links between the files. When I make structural changes that affect links I have to go through and save all the open files to make sure the changes are kept. Is there a way to save all the open files [...]

 Link Sheet Name To Cell Value

Link sheet name to cell value Is it possible to link the sheet name to a cell's contents? I want the sheet name to be whatever I enter into cell A1. By Neale Blackwood There is no built-in Excel function or feature to do this. You have to use an event macro. The macro below [...]

 List Of Sheets With Hyperlinks

List of sheets with hyperlinks I regularly create a list of sheets in a contents sheet in my files. I then create hyperlinks to the sheets. Can this process be automated? By Neale Blackwood The macro below will create a list of all sheets in the current workbook. This list will start at the [...]

 Protect And Unprotect Sheets Macro

Protect and unprotect sheets macro I frequently protect sheets without using a password to ensure users don't accidentally change something they shouldn't. Is there an easy way to unprotect all the sheets in a workbook and then protect them again? By Neale Blackwood There is no built-in method to protect or unprotect all the [...]