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Power BI Desktop

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What is Microsoft Power BI Desktop?

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Quite simply it’s an amazing FREE dedicated dashboard development tool incorporating Power Query and Power Pivot.

Plain Speaking:  Power BI desktop is your dashboard development tool.  With it you can create interactive charts and then publish them to  This then provides users with the ability to interact with the reports from any device and gain insight from their information.

Power BI Desktop is an elegant end-to-end solution for building analytics. The Desktop has all the capabilities to quickly connect, shape, visualise, and share data insights through Power

Technical Talk:  You can use Power BI Desktop to extract and clean up data directly from multiple sources of data using the built-in Get Data (Power Query) functionality.  You then join data together and add your key indicators such as Variances, Rates and Percentages etc. using the built in Data Model (Power Pivot).

One click of a “Publish” button allows you to load that dashboard into where you can share it with whoever you choose.

Key advantages of Power BI Desktop in Perth

See our sections on Power Query and PowerPivot  to see what the engine behind Power BI Desktop is capable of.

Graphically it can produce all sorts of fantastic charts and insightful key metrics like these…

Power BI Overview


Custom Visuals

You aren’t just limited to those graphics that come as standard.  Microsoft opened up the development of “Custom Visuals” allowing kind, clever folks to develop some amazing interactive visuals that you can incorporate into your report for free!

Custom Visuals

Jeff and his team at Access Analytic have the ability to take complicated information and make it meaningful and useful. They know more about using Excel than anyone I know and they can either do the analysis for you, build tools so you can access the information easily or train you to do it yourself. If you need to better understand the numbers, then Jeff can help.” David Beard, Keynote Speaker, Consultant & HR Specialist

If you’d like to see how your organisation could benefit, we can help you achieve this quickly and at a very reasonable investment that will pay for itself in a short period of time.

Benefits of Power BI Desktop and Power in Perth

Our clients often experience benefits such as:

  • Saving days of time manually manipulating messy data
  • Discovering ways to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Making better decisions that are based on facts, rather than opinions

What could these kinds of discoveries mean for your Perth business?

Take the next step and access your data seamlessly today with Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

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