Project Description

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Churchill Mining is a client that is listed on the London Alternative Investments Market. One of their international mining projects required a feasibility study financial model to use for raising debt funding from the company’s financiers.

Business Challenge

Since the company was still in the design phase of its project, many options were being evaluated to ascertain the optimum solution. As such, the feasibility study model needed to be able to evaluate its projects under multiple scenarios and funding options.

Since the company wanted to examine a variety of scenarios, the model needed to be user-friendly for appropriately trained staff to use.

As the model would be used to raise finance, it needed to be constructed to meet banking review requirements and accuracy and integrity were critical.

How Access Analytic Helped

Using our experience in minerals and resources, we provided a feasibility study financial model for the company that was designed to meet all requirements. The model contained specific standards that enhanced accuracy, readability and useability for the client’s staff.

Business Benefits

  • Because of the way the model was designed, users were able to perform analyses in a controlled way with a minimum of training, thereby saving a significant amount of time.
  • The company was able to accurately model a wide range of scenarios and determine the optimum solution for its needs. The robustness of the model allowed the directors to approach the company’s bankers with confidence and provided the financiers with great confidence in the company and its management.
  • The company now has a very useful tool that can be re-used for future projects.