Dualing Screens

I have recently upgraded to a computer with dual screens. Is it possible to display Excel across both screens and have one screen with one workbook and the other screen with another workbook?

By Neale Blackwood

To expand the Excel window across screens, first click the Restore Down button on the Excel title bar (between the Minimize button and the red X button), assuming the second screen is on the right. Next drag the right-hand border of the Excel window across to the right-hand edge of the other screen. This technique is useful to view more cells on a wide spreadsheet.

To view the two files on separate screens, have both files open and click the Window menu.

Select Arrange and select Vertical and click OK. You may have to resize the right-hand file’s window and drag its title bar (where its name is displayed) to the other screen.

WARNING: If you save and close the file when it is on the second screen and then return Excel to a single screen and open the file, you may not be able to see the file on the screen. It is good practice to return the Excel screen to normal single screen mode before doing a final save and close.

Click the Maximize button on the Excel title bar to return the Excel window to normal.