Finding Formats

// Finding Formats

Finding Formats

Excel 2007 feature

By Neale Blackwood

Excel 2007 has a new feature that allows you to find formats. To find a cell(s) with a certain format you use the normal Find system which has had format functionality added to it.

Ctrl + f will open the Find dialog. It is also on the Home Ribbon in the Editing Section. Click the Options button to see the new format features. The Format button allows you to either define a format from the standard format dialog box, or to use an existing cell format to set the format to find. There is also a Clear Find Format option to re-set the format. The Preview box displays the format to be found. The Find All button will list all the cells that match the format.

Note: the Find dialog is re-sizeable allowing you to increase the size to see large lists. Just click and drag the double-headed arrows on the border of the dialog box.