Data entry shortcut

Built-in feature

By Neale Blackwood

If you have a defined area where you enter data within a spreadsheet, you can simplify the data entry process by selecting the range before you start to enter data. Once you have selected the range you can use the Enter and Tab keys after typing the data to move around within the range. The Enter key will move the active cell down. The Tab key will move the cell to the right.

The advantage with selecting the range first is that when you get to the end of a column or row pressing the Enter or Tab will take you to the start of the next column or row. Once you get to end of the selected range pressing Enter to Tab will take you back to the start of the range.

If you want the active cell to move to the left hold the Shift key and press Tab. To move up, hold the Shift key and press Enter.
Warning: Using the arrow keys to navigate will automatically de-select the range.