Change page orientation on all sheets

Is there a quick way to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape on all the sheets in a workbook?

By Neale Blackwood

Yes. Right click on the sheet name tabs, click Select All Sheets. Now click the File menu, select Page Setup, then click the Page tab (if it isn’t already displayed) change the Orientation to Landscape, click OK. Finally, always ensure you right click the sheet names again and click Ungroup Sheets. If you want to change the page orientation for some of the sheets then hold down the Ctrl key and then progressively click the sheets name tabs you want to change. Then click the File menu and follow the steps above.

Warning: Be very careful whenever you group multiple sheets. Grouping means that whatever you do on one sheet will be done to all sheets that are grouped. Grouping is a very useful feature especially when the layout and format of your sheets are identical and you want to make changes to all the sheets at once.
However, you can also easily corrupt a file by accidentally making changes to many sheets. You can use Undo to correct inadvertent changes. Always remember to use the Ungroup Sheets command mentioned above once you have finished making your changes. If only some sheets are grouped, then clicking on a sheet that isn’t grouped will also ungroup the sheets.