Display Sheet Name

Is there a formula to insert the sheet name into a cell?

By Neale Blackwood

Yes. In cell A1 insert the formula =CELL(“filename”, A1). In another cell, enter =MID(A1,SEARCH(“]”,A1)+1,LEN(A1)-SEARCH(“]”,A1))

The first formula will display the file’s full path. The second formula will display the sheet name. This is also a useful formula as Excel’s header and footer feature cannot easily display the full path of a file. But note, that the file needs to have been saved before these formulae will work.

Note: if you use the sheet name formula on multiple sheets, each sheet will show the name of the sheet that was active last time the file was re-calculated i.e. it’s not dynamic.

Excel 2007+

Use the Page Layout button at the bottom right of the screen to view the spreadsheet split into pages similar to Microsoft Word.


When you click in the Header or Footer section of the page a special Tab is opened to allow you to make changes easily. One of the options inserts the File Path.