Excel 2007 Goto and selections

Excel 2007 selection techniques

By Neale Blackwood

Excel 2007 has simplified the selection of certain types of cells. Previously you needed to go through the Goto dialog and the Special button. Now the options are available on the Home ribbon tab.

In the Editing section, at the end of the Home ribbon, click the drop down on the Find and Select button. The types of cells you can select are listed eg Formula, Comments, Conditional Formats, Constants and Data Validation.

When using Find and Select the range you have selected before you use it determines where Excel looks. If you have a single cell selected Excel will look in the whole sheet, otherwise it looks in the range selected only.

For example, if you have a single cell selected you could click the Find and Select button and chose Formula which will select all the cells with a Formula in one step. You could then change their Fill Color to identify them as Formula cells.