There are lots of ways to add a new data series to an existing Excel chart.  Here are what we suggest are the two easiest ways:

Method 1: Copy & Paste

Great if your data series aren’t in a table or aren’t adjacent to each other.

1. Select your data (including the heading) and copy this (Ctrl+C).

Add data to an existing chart

2. Click on your existing chart, then press Ctrl+V to paste it into the chart.

Add data to an existing chart

Method 2: Expand your Table

If your chart is based on data in a table (like in the example above), it gets even easier.

Just add a new column to your table and the new series will be automatically added to your chart!

Even less work!


That’s it unless you want to do any other amendments e.g. like plotting it on a secondary axis (as per the example above)!